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Frequently Asked Questions About the ECF Hotspot Grant

The library was awarded a one-time federal Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) grant of $650,760 to make available 2,000 wireless hotspots which will be lent to Jessamine County residents in need of internet access for educational purposes.

JCPL is partnering with the City of Nicholasville and the City of Wilmore in lending and distributing these devices, meaning hotspots are available for pick-up at Nicholasville City Hall, Wilmore Municipal Center, and at the Jessamine County Public Library’s location at 600 South Main St. in Nicholasville.

Any qualifying Jessamine County resident can borrow a hotspot from one of these locations on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

  • Do the hotspots have data limits?

    • No. Each ECF hotspot has unlimited data.
  • Is there a web filter on the hotspot?

    • Yes. ECF hotspots are required to have web filtering enabled.
  • How many devices can be connected to a hotspot?

    • Up to 8 individual connections can be made to a single hotspot.
  • When does internet service to the hotspot end?

    • The last day of service to the ECF hotspot is 10/31/2023.
  • When is the hotspot due back to the Jessamine County Public Library?

    • All ECF hotspots are due by 11/30/2023.
  • Can I renew the device at the end of the loan period?

    • The ECF hotspots cannot be renewed.
  • How do I return the hotspot when I am finished with it?

    • All ECF hotspots should be returned to the library’s Customer Service Desk, located at 600 South Main Street, Nicholasville.
  • How many hotspots can be borrowed per household?

    • ECF hotspots are limited to one per person if that person meets all eligibility requirements.
  • What do I do if the hotspot stops working?

    • If your device quits working, you may return it to the library and borrow another ECF hotspot if one is available. Please notify the library staff that the device is not working properly.
  • Does Jessamine County Public Library’s Acceptable Use Policy for Computers and Internet Access apply to ECF hotspots?

    • Yes. To view the policy, go to
  • If I have any problems with connecting to the hotspot, who do I contact?

    • On the bottom of each ECF hotspot is a support number to call.