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Getting Started with Genealogy

Most people associate genealogy with online databases such as Ancestry Library Edition. While databases are a very important part of the research process, completing a few tasks offline before you start searching online can help you improve your results.

Set your family history search up for success with tips from the following video. You’ll learn how to describe your research goals, start with what you know, gather family documents, and interview family members.

Ancestry Library Edition

Due to the pandemic, Ancestry Library Edition is allowing users to access the database from home through the end of August. To login, enter your library card number and PIN. If you have trouble logging in, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache.

To view video tutorials about getting started with Ancestry Library Edition, click on the link below.




Online Genealogy Classes

If you’d like to take more in-depth courses about getting started with genealogy, try the following free online classes:

Discovering Your Roots: An Introduction to Genealogy

Available through The Great Courses Library Collection. To get started, sign up to Kanopy with your library card.

Genealogy 101

Available through Universal Class. Enter your library card number to create an account.