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Improve Your Results in Ancestry Library Edition

You can search Ancestry Library Edition from home through the end of June 2021. To help you make the most of this opportunity, we’ve created a series of videos on improving your search results in Ancestry Library Edition.

For Beginning Searchers

If you’re just getting started with Ancestry Library Edition, click on the button below to check out our brief, introductory tutorials.


Searching by Location in Ancestry Library Edition

Learn to narrow your search by where your ancestors lived. Adding a location to your search can help you weed out irrelevant results and focus on your family members. At the same time, exploring or browsing a specific location can help you understand what records are available in Ancestry for that place.

Understanding Search Options in Ancestry Library Edition

Understanding Ancestry search options such as life events, family members, keywords, race, and more can help you find your family members faster.

All About Names in Ancestry Library Edition

Learn to broaden or narrow the Ancestry name settings, use wildcards, and search by maiden names, nicknames, and more.

Check Out Our Genealogy Playlist

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