Mother Goose Storytime at Home – 10/19/2020

Bringing you weekly tips and rhyme recommendations you can use to have your own storytime at home.

Weekly Tip

Children learn best by doing activities that have meaning to them. For example, when you are at home, point things out that have the same sound as the first sound in your child’s name. This helps them learn the sounds that letters make.


Apple Tree
Way up high in the apple tree,
(point up)
Two little apples were smiling at me.
(first make two fists for apples, then point to corners of your mouth and smile)
I shook that tree as hard as I could,
(act like you are holding the tree trunk and shake)
And down came those apples,
(move hands down for falling apples)
And boy were they good!
(rub stomach)

I Have a Little Turtle
I have a little turtle, his name is Tiny Tim.
(put one fist on other palm, like a turtle)
I put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim.
(move arms like swimming)
He drank up all the water.
(act like you are drinking)
He ate the bar of soap.
(sign for eating)
And when he went to bed that night,
He had bubbles in his throat.
Bubble, bubble, bubble
(flip lower lip with finger)
Bubble, bubble, bubble.
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!
(clap hands loudly)

Baby Is on My Knee
1,2,3 baby is on my knee. (bounce baby on knee)
The rooster crows (crow loudly)
And away he goes (raise baby up, like flying)

Virtual Storytime

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