Mother Goose Storytime at Home – 9/28/2020

Bringing you weekly tips and rhyme recommendations you can use to have your own storytime at home.

Weekly Tip

Even though young children do not know the meaning of rhymes, it is important for them to hear them. By six months of age babies can recognize 150 sounds of human speech. Saying nursery rhymes is one good way for your children to hear the sounds of language.


On my toe there is a flea. (point to toe)
Now he’s walking up my knee. (walk fingers up from toe)
Past my tummy, past my nose. (continue walking up)
On my head, where my hair grows. (point to head)
On my head there is a flea, now he’s walking down on me. (start walking down)
Past my tummy, past my knee.
On my toe, take that you flea! (stomp foot)

The elephant goes this way and that. (sway back and forth)
He’s terribly big, and he’s terribly fat. (hold arms up, then out)
He has some fingers, (wiggle fingers)
he has some toes, (point to toes)
and goodness gracious, what a nose! (extend arm out from nose, like a trunk, and make blowing sound)

Gung, Gung
Gung, gung went the little green frog one day.
(touch four fingers to thumbs, like a mouth opening and closing)
Gung, gung went the little green frog.
Gung, gung went the little green frog one day,
and his eyes, went ooh, aah, bleh! 
(make circles around eyes for ooh, open mouth for aah, stick out tongue for bleh)

Extra Tidbits

Narrate what you do as you go through your day to help your child connect words, objects, and actions.  Example: I’m washing dishes, I’m squeezing the water out of the sponge. Let’s get a bath, (name the body parts as they are washed).

Virtual Storytime

Are your children 3 or older? For more reading fun, check out our Preschool Time Online, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00 AM!