5 Questions with Court Stevens

We caught up with bestselling author Court Stevens recently to get some of our burning questions answered. She’ll be available to answer even more at our Ask Me Anything event, where she’ll be joined by young adult authors Michelle Areaux (Curse of Thorns) and Adrienne Hiatt (Osrealach).

How would you describe the kind of books you tend to write?

Funny you should ask. I printed stickers to give away at events that say…Books about Murder, Books about Healing! I write small town suspense with real humanity.

What’s one reason you’ve chosen to be a writer?

Writing gives me a creative outlet and a way to meet people. I have a goal to get eyeball to eyeball with as many people as possible and remind them that they’re needed in this world.

Who are a few of your favorite authors to read in your free time?

Richard Osman, Ruth Ware, Lucy Foley, and Fredrik Backman.

What’s one of your favorite aspects of being an author?

That every reader comes to every book with their own set of stakes. I get to be part of that journey…sometimes it’s entertainment, other times an escape and others… healing. That’s powerful to me and humbling. The stories I hear standing in a signing line are better than the ones I create.

I read on your website that you have a pet whale, Herman. Please elaborate.

Let’s leave that a mystery to be solved in person. If you come out to the event on the 14th, I’ll bring Herman with me.