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Introducing Book Match Bundles

Need help finding a good book? Let us curate a custom book bundle just for you!

Fill out the appropriate form, and we’ll do our best to match you with books you’ll love.

Book Match Bundles will be available for pickup within 5 business days. We’ll contact you when your bundle is ready.

Book Match Bundles for Adults

Adults can choose bundles in their preferred fiction genre (mystery, fantasy, suspense, etc.), setting or time period, or mood (spooky, funny, inspirational, etc.).

Nonfiction fans can choose bundles of how-to books, books about well-known people or events, or books about true crime.

To help us tailor your bundles, let us know about the kind of books and authors you enjoy.

Book Match Bundles for Children

Whether your child is a pre-reader or reading chapter books on their own, we’ll try to find books they’ll love. Choose bundles of award-winning books, books about animals, funny books, and much more.

Tell us your child’s favorite subjects and their age, grade, or reading levels so we can customize their bundle.

Book Match Bundles for Teens

Teens can choose bundles of books from their favorite fiction series, books that fit their mood, books about diverse characters, and more.

Want to learn how to be a better coder, gamer, or artist? There’s a book bundle for that, too! We can also match you with books to help you research people, events, science, or other topics.