Prompt to Page with Angela Jackson-Brown

Each month, we interview a published writer who shares their favorite writing prompt. Whether you’re just getting started or have written for years, you’ll find ideas and advice to inspire you and help you become a better writer.

Prompt to Page is brought to you in partnership with the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.

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For our twentieth episode, author Angela Jackson-Brown, the keynote speaker for the Carnegie Center’s upcoming Books in Progress conference, discusses the importance of writing every day.

“That doesn’t mean sit down every day and write for three hours,” she says. “But it does mean every day pick a time and write for 15 minutes. And then if you have another 15, write for another 15 minutes. But make the commitment that every day you’re going to show up to the page. Because if you don’t show up, the stories don’t get told.”

Angela’s writing prompt will help you get to know your characters before you sit down to write.

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About Angela Jackson-Brown

Author Angela Jackson-Brown, an African-American woman with curly, shoulder-length red hair. She wears black glasses and a black leather jacket.

Angela Jackson-Brown is an award-winning writer, poet and playwright who is an Associate Professor in the creative writing program at Indiana University in Bloomington. She also teaches in the graduate program at the Naslund-Mann Graduate School of Writing at Spalding University in Louisville, KY.

She is the author of Drinking From a Bitter Cup, House RepairsWhen Stars Rain Down and The Light Always Breaks. In October of 2023, Angela’s next novel, Homeward, a follow-up to When Stars Rain Down, will be published by Harper Muse.