Prompt to Page with Bryce Oquaye

Each month, we interview a published writer who shares their favorite writing prompt. Whether you’re just getting started or have written for years, you’ll find ideas and advice to inspire you and help you become a better writer.

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Comic artist, writer, and animator Bryce Oquaye considers mentorship to be “the most important part” of his journey, whether he’s receiving feedback from other creators or working with young people.

“Because initially,” he says, “I made what I made, and I shared it online, and that was helpful. But nothing helped me excel more than connecting with other people in a real way.”

Bryce shares the importance of comic conventions to his professional development and describes his process of creating comics, both on his own and as part of a team. The prompts that Bryce uses to develop characters and story structure will benefit writers of all genres.

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About Bryce Oquaye

Bryce Oquaye on the subway.

Bryce Oquaye is an illustrator, comic artist, writer, and animator. His comic and graffiti-styled approach have placed him within a wide range of projects.

From comics to cover art for publishers like Z2 Comics, illustration for Zox and Netflix, and animation for companies like Group Nine Media, Bryce has placed a focus on story-based illustration and sequential work. 

A resident artist at the Loudoun House and Lexington Art League, Bryce Oquaye operates a studio he calls MADHUNDREDS, where he self-publishes comics and small animation projects as a freelance creator.

He also works closely as part of a collective called “Six Bomb Boards” where he had his start as a live artist. He travels to exhibit and perform live art in different comic conventions and art showcases.