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Travel the World with Books in Translation

Books and Bites Podcast, Ep. 39

JCPL librarians bring you book recommendations and discuss the bites and beverages to pair with them. On this episode, we discuss books that have been translated into English from another language. It’s one of the prompts in the Books & Bites 2020 Reading Challenge.

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Book Notes

Carrie recommends:

Adam recommends:

Michael recommends:

  • Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi ; translated from the Arabic by Jonathan Wright
  • Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt ; translated from the Dutch by Nancy Forest-Flier.

Bite Notes

  • Pair The Housekeeper and the Professor with a Japanese Hamburg Steak, or hambagu, a popular home-cooked, Western-style dish which, like the American hamburger and Salisbury steak, has its roots in Germany. 
  •  Bake a Danish Dream Cake to enjoy with Mirror, Shoulder, Signal.
  • As Hadi recounts his tale of the Whatitsname in Frankenstein in Baghdad, grill up a plate of Iraqi Kabobs with a recipe that can be found on
  • Enjoy the Dutch roots of Black Spring, New York, by making Broodje Rookworst, a Dutch sausage and sauerkraut sandwich, from a recipe found on
  • Pair Batman’s fusion of Western-Japanese culture with omelet rice, a popular breakfast for families in Japan. The recipe can be found in Japanese Cooking Made Simple, available on Hoopla.
  • The pop culture-influencing read Lone Wolf and Cub goes well with Fluffy Cheesecake, a Japanese take on our favorite Golden Girls accompaniment. The recipe can be found in Japanese Cooking Made Simple, available on Hoopla.