Dorothy and Andrew Smith

Locust Grove Oral History Podcast, Episode 2

Andrew and Dorothy Smith

The Locust Grove Oral History Podcast is a four-part series featuring stories and conversations remembering those who are buried in Locust Grove, an African-American cemetery in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

“They were committed to each other, and they were committed to family.” In our second episode, Jennifer Smith and Anna Kenion talk about their parents, Dorothy (1930-2013) and Andrew Smith (1930-1993), sharing memories of their faith and love. They also discuss some of the challenges their parents faced, including their father’s loss of sight.

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Episode Sources:

Kenion, Anna. Personal interview. 7 March 2019.

Smith, Jennifer. Personal interview. 26 Feb. 2019.

Episode Credits:

Written and produced by Carrie Green

Recorded by Shantel Richardson and Carrie Green

Engineered by Levi Simonton and Carrie Green

Music by Scott Whiddon