Page-Turning Travels

Books and Bites Podcast, Episode 54

JCPL librarians bring you book recommendations and discuss the bites and beverages to pair with them.

Get jammed for our Outdoor Adventure summer learning program by listening to this episode which features recommendations for the sixth prompt in the Books and Bites 2021 Reading Challenge, books that take place while the characters are on vacation or traveling. more: Page-Turning Travels

Piecing Our History Together With Quilts

From May 1, 2021 through November 1, 2021, JCPL will celebrate the art of quilt making with workshops, presentations, scavenger hunts, and a community quilt project.

Just like books, quilts tell stories, mark momentous occasions, record history, and paint pictures of our lives. According to Connie Martin, MA, quilts may have helped guide some enslaved people to freedom on the Underground Railroad. more: Piecing Our History Together With Quilts