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Locust Grove Cemetery Audio Tour

The Locust Grove Oral History Podcast is a four-part series featuring stories and conversations remembering those who are buried in Locust Grove, an African-American cemetery in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

For our fourth and final episode, join us for a self-guided audio tour of Locust Grove Cemetery, where you’ll hear stories and memories about the following community members who are buried there:

Andrew McAfee
George Combs
Anna Bell Holloway Jackmon
Frank Cannon, Sr.
Ora Belle Hamilton Cannon

Lizzie Cannon
Emma Jean Guyn Miller
Dorothy Smith
Andrew Thomas Smith

Joe Pelman

For written directions and photos of the graves, download the Locust Grove Audio Tour Brochure.

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Episode Credits:

Written and produced by Carrie Green and Les Lehman

Recorded by Carrie Green and Shantel Richardson

Engineered by Carrie Green and Levi Simonton

Music by Scott Whiddon